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East Maui Beaches

Snorkeling East Maui beaches: Most east beaches are not well suited for snorkeling. Strong changing currents and poor visibility make swimming and snorkeling difficult and dangerous at times. Head to Hana Bay for decent snorkeling and/or kayak snorkel tours for safe east Maui snorkeling.

Black Sand beach: black Sand beach in Wai'anapanapa Park is a beautiful beach consisting of small black pebbles not sand. The currents here can change quickly and is a popular spot for man of war and jellyfish. You can find some fish on a calm day.

Red Sand beach: Kaihalulu beach, also known as Red Sand Beach, is a beautiful beach with stunning red sand and cliffs. The problem is to reach the beach you must cross private property and scale a dangerous cliff to get there. Many people have died or have been seriously injured here. Snorkeling is decent but do not swim out too far as the currents can get strong. The best way to reach the beach is by kayak out of Hana Bay.

East Beaches Snorkel

Koki beach: Koki beach is another pretty beach with red cliffs and trees. This beach is not recommended for snorkeling or swimming. There are signs posted warning visitors of the dangers. Do not enter the water without permission from locals.

Hamoa Beach: Hamoa beach is the most beautiful beach in Maui, probably all of Hawaii. Strong surf and changing currents make this poor spot for snorkeling.