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Warning because of the devastating wildfires tourists are not allowed in West Maui. If you have upcoming reservations call your booking agent to cancel or reschedule. Click here for the latest news

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Maui , the second-largest of the Hawaiian Islands, is known as the "Valley Isle". Maui's name came from the Polynesian navigator Hawaiʻiloa who is noted for discovering the Hawaiian Islands. Legend has it that Maui is named after Hawaiʻiloa's son Maui. The original name of Maui was ʻIhikapalaumaewa.

Maui is approximately 48 miles (76.8km) long and 26 miles (41.6km) wide, totaling 728 square miles. The island has 5 areas, South, West, North, East and Central. South and West Maui tend to be warmer with less rain and also have the most resorts and people. The East gets the most rain and therefore is the most tropical. while the east coast beaches are beautiful most are not suited for swimming or snorkeling. Central Maui is mostly Mount Haleakala and surrounding towns. North is the town of Paia and Hookipa Beach which is a world class wind surfing destination.

road to Hana WaterfallMaui Explored is a photo travel guide to help make your trip the "Valley isle" a memorable one. The website was first designed to showcase the many photographs taken during vacations to Maui (click on the image links to view the slide shows). Since then we have added helpful guides: Road to Hana, Best Beaches, Maui in Ten Days, Snorkel Tips, Tropical Flowers and Plants. Google maps with directions can be found on each page which include images, links and information to help you navigate the island. The Travel Guidesection contains a business directory local business directory, weather, news, maps, and helpful links to make planning your trip easy and less confusing.

Latest Maui News and Updates

NEW Wanapanapa State Park now requires a pre-paid time /date sensitive reservation for entry and use of the park. Click here For reservation

NEW Iao Valley State Park now requires a pre-paid time /date sensitive reservation for entry and use of the park. Click here For reservations/a>

NEW Travelers do not need to show proof of vaccination or negative test to travel to Maui. Click here for latest covid news

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road to Hana WaterfallUPDATE Mount Haleakala now requires a pre-paid ($1.50 per car) parking pass (separate from the entrance fee) to view the sunrise. You can get your pass at recreation.gov

ALERT ! In May 2018, Hawaii became the first state in the nation to pass legislation banning sunscreens containing the chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate, which destroy coral reefs. Click here for reef safe suntan lotions.

Road to Hana WaterfallNOTICE ! Due to heavy rains and rock slides Oheo Gulch is closed indefinitely. Hiking trails in Kīpahulu remain open. You can find current updates at nps.gov

The website will continue to grow and be updated as we explore more of the island. If you would like to send a suggestion, comment, or correction you can use the mauiexplored.com contact form or post on facebook link

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