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Traveling the Road to Hana

maui beaches map For navigating the Road to Hana it is best to use the mile markers along the highway. When highway 36 turns into highway 360 you will see a sign with mile marker 0 below it. Reset your odometer at this point. Now you can use the Google interactive map guide and/or detailed list of attractions and waterfall PDFs. The Google interactive map guide contains the mile markers with images, waterfalls, restaurants, exits, slide shows, and attractions, all to help you make your Road to Hana trip easy and enjoyable. (click on map image)

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The Road to Hana is a 36 mile well paved and maintained highway that connects East Maui to the rest of the island. road to Hana Waterfall The narrow road with 54 one lane bridges and over 300 ess curves winds its way through the tropical east coast. The journey will take you through dense forests, waterfalls, and a rugged coastline. There are plenty of places to stop and enjoy with 2 main parks and a few market places along the way. The trip takes over 5 hours to Hana and back with minimal stops. This trip is about the journey, not the destination. It is best to take your time and stop at as many places you can to get the maximum enjoyment out of your trip. The best option is to stay the night in Hana, giving you 2 days to explore the the entire area. While all of this sounds a little intimadating, it is really a pretty safe and enjoyable drive. Just remember to relax, drive slow and enjoy your surroundings.

Driving time estimates (no stops)

Road to Hana Drive
  • Airport to Mile Marker 0 - 17.5 miles - 30 minutes
  • Kihei to Mile Marker 0 - 24 miles - 40 minutes
  • Lahaina to Mile Marker 0 - 38 miles - 60 minutes
  • Mile Marker 0 to Hana -34 miles - 2 hours
  • Hana to Oheo Gulch - 10 miles - 30 minutes

Preparing for the trip guide

Mile Marker Map

road to Hana mile marker Using Maui's state highway mile markers are the best way to navigate your trip. You can reset your odometer when you get to mile marker 0 (look for it about 10 miles from Paia when Hwy 36 turns into Hwy 360). Use the printed Itinerary to locate the attractions. The map is not 100% accurate, but pretty close. You can download the KML file to your GPS or phone (if you can get service) or to use with an offline viewer.
There are plenty of stops along the way. Using the mile markers and information can help you find the waterfalls, lookouts and other spots along the way.

Click Here for Detailed list of Attractions and PDFs with Mile Markers


The journey on the Road to Hana is incredible but the driver often at times misses out on the best views, eyes glued to the car in-front. A great option is to go with a guide. A Guided Tour can allow for a full, relaxing day. A tour is free from the stress of driving and handles all the arrangements, including entrance fees to the National Park where you can swim in the Pools at Oheo. See everything on the road to Hana and then go beyond to the backside. Valley Isle Excursions takes it's passengers all the way around the island (including areas were rentals are not allowed) so you can see a lot more too. Tours will provide pick-up and drop-off at your hotel/condo as well as meals and drinks all day long. For more information try one of these guides

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