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Best of Maui Best of Maui in 10 days - Arrival

Explore the Best of Maui with this day by day travel guide

Maui offers plenty of activities for everyone. Choosing what to do can get confusing. Here you will find information on how to schedule your trip to Maui .This guide is based on staying in Kihei (South Maui). The main itinerary is designed for the best snorkeling times and spots with options for non-snorkelers. There are also options for families and hikers. The ten day trip includes 2 days in South, West, and East Maui (overnight stay), and 1 day in Central and Up Country Maui. The first and last day are arrival and departure days with very little activities. Of course the suggestions here are not a complete list of all of Maui's many museums, shopping, and dining spots. check restaurants ahead of time to make sure they are open.

Best of Maui Guide can help you get an idea of what to wanrt to see and do on your trip. Make sure to use the other guides for more information. The beaches guide will let you view and compare the different beaches and choose the best ones based on your preferences. The snorkel guide can help you select the best snorkeling experience based of your experience level.

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Arrival Day (Day One)

Your arrival day is the best time to prepare for the days ahead.

Getting your rental car (a must in Maui) is easy. Take the free shuttle over to your rental company. Usually you will wait about 1 hour for your car. Make sure to note any marks and dents on the car (even if they are minor). Do not rush through this step as it could cost you dearly. We always take a GPS unit to navigate the island (you can rent one from the rental agency). Remember to take it easy as speed limits are much lower on the island (usually 45mph on the highway).

If you rented a condo or apt with a kitchen , head off to the local supermarket for supplies. The 2 major stores in Kihei are Safeway and Food King. You can get membership cards ahead of your trip online (you can even plan your meals from their online ads). The Farmers Market located on north Kihei Rd. is a must, but may be closed if you arrive late in the afternoon (they are on Hawiaan time so it may or may not be open at any given time).If time permits walk down to the local beach and catch the sunset. Day Two left arrow

Mount Haleakala View
Day 2 Up Country
Wailea Beach South Maui
Day 3 South Beaches
Kapalua Bay West Maui
Day 4 West Beaches
Road to hana
Day 5 Road to Hana
Hamoa Beach East Maui
Day 6 East Maui
Iao Valley Central Maui
Day 7 Central Maui
Blow Hole Maui
Day 8 West Maui
La Perouse Bay
Day 9 South Maui