Exploring Maui Day 2 -Best of Maui in ten days guide

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protea flower Most are ready to hit the beaches on the first day to Maui. Many Travelers arriving at Maui have a 3 to 6 hour time change. If you do , it is a good time to head up the mountain for one of the most spectacular sunrises you will ever see. The trip now requires an advance ticket fee of 1.50 per car. You can get one atMount Haleakala Science Lab https://www.recreation.gov/ (it will also give you the time of the sunrise) . You will need to know the exact date you will be going and does not include the park entrance fee. After the sunrise you can drive through the Kula countryside, stopping at one of the botanical gardens and / or over to Makawao for breakfast and some shopping. Keep heading north to Hookipa Beach to watch the wind surfers . Next head to to Baldwin Beach for swimming , surfing and relaxing.

Mount Haleakala Sunrise

Mount haleakala SunriseMount Haleakala is about a 2 hour drive from Kihei so you must leave 2 hours before sunrise (you will probably be up anyway). Check weather conditions as cloud cover can ruin your spectacular sunrise. More Info...

Alternate Trip:

If weather is bad at Mount Haleakala. Sleep in or snorkel at a close beach. Drive up to Kula, Makawao, and Paia stopping at the attractions listed below. More Info..

Kula Country/ Makawao

Downtown Makawao After Mt Haleakala, drive through the pretty countryside of Kula . There is an old church, graveyard and vistas worth stopping for on your way to Makawao . Makawao, an art colony is a great spot for breakfast and some window shopping. Most of the shops are along the main drag.

Kula Botanical Gardens

Kula Botanical Gardens Head back to Kula (after 9am), and visit Kula Botanical Gardens or Enchanting Gardens (still a good choice but opens at 11:00). There are entrance fees for both places (around $10-$15 per person) .

Alternate 1: Hookipa Beach Park

Hookipa wind surfing beachIf you are not into botanical gardens and in to surfing, keep heading north on Baldwin Rd. all the way up to Hana Highway (about 6 miles). Turn right Hookipa Beach. In about 2 miles look for entrance sign on the left. If you just want to view wind surfers travel a little further north to the Hookipa Lookout. You can also visit Hookipa on the way back from Road to Hana. More Info...

Alternate 2: Baldwin Beach Park

Baldwin Beach Park is a good beach for families, swimming and surfing . There are always plenty of activities going on.

Option: Farmer's Market

On your way back to the condo stop at the Farmers Market in North Kihei for supplies. Have lunch at the condo and change clothes for the beach.

Kamaole Beach

Kamaole Beach south mauiKamaole 1, 2, or 3 Beaches are nice afternoon beaches for families. There is lots of activities, shade and rest rooms. Snorkeling isn't great here (you will visit plenty of spots later), but you can try around the reefs that separate the beaches. More Info...

Alternate Beach: Cove Park/Kamala Beach

Cove Park is known for its waves and is a popular surfing spot in Kihei.

After an early dinner try Kamaole 3 beach for a great sunset. Day Three laft arrow


  1. Mount Haleakala Sunrise 4:00am-7:00am
    • Option: Skip sunrise, sleep in
  2. Kula Country Drive 7:00am-8:00am
  3. Makawao 8:00-9:00am
  4. Kula Botanical Gardens 09:00am-10:00am
  5. Kamaole Beach 12:00pm-3:00pm
    • Option 1: For surfers try Cove Park further north
  6. Dinner: BBQ at Condo
    • Option :Try Maui Tacos
  7. Sunset: Kamaole 3 Beach