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South Maui

The South Shore is a popular destination in Maui, offering the largest variety of beaches suited for snorkeling , swimming, surfing, relaxing, kayaking or hiking. South Maui is comprised of three main areas from north to south - Kihei, Wailea, and Makena.

The main town Kihei has plenty of restaurants, bars and shopping venues. The Kihei area is known for its affordable condos and moderately priced hotels, making it popular for families and those on a budget. Kihei's many beaches offer an abundance of activities for the whole family.

The Wailea area south of Kihei has the higher end resorts like the Grand Wailea , and expensive homes, including an upscale shopping center. Wailea beaches are great for snorkeling , sun bathing, and other water activities.

Further south, the Makena area has a few hotels and condos along with rugged with lava shoreline. Makena beaches (with the exception of Big Beach ) are usually less crowded but offer some of the best snorkeling and hiking on the island. You can travel as far as la Perouse Bay with takes you through a lava field, that is like no other place on earth.

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