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  • Maluaka Beach north end looking south

    Maluaka Beach north end looking south

  • Maluaka Beach

    Maluaka Beach

  • Maluaka Beach tide pools

    Maluaka Beach tide pools

  • Maluaka Beach south reef

    Maluaka Beach south reef

  • Maluaka Beach south end

    Maluaka Beach south end

  • Maluaka Beach Maui Prince

    Maluaka Beach Maui Prince

  • Maluaka Beach house on Makena Rd.

    house on Makena Rd.

Palm Trees Maluaka beachMaluaka Beach Is along sandy beach south of Makena landing . There is parking at both ends of the beach (that don't connect). A turnaround and showers are located at the north end, but a long walk to the south, which has the best snorkeling. This beach fronts the Maui Prince Hotel off Makena Road in South Maui. The beach has a sandy bottom ideal for swimmers of all ages. The only shade is at the south end and usually taken up by 10 am. This area is known as "Turtle Town" because of its abundance of turtles. Snorkeling is great once you get away from shore, following the reef or heading out to the parked charter boats (they only stop for turtle sightings).

At the south end of the beach, there is excellent snorkeling, and a little shade. At the north end of the beach there is good snorkeling when clear. As with most beaches in Maui stay out of the water when there are lots of waves and a huge swell. There is no lifeguard. Parking is either just past the Maui Prince Hotel to the south or to the north parking lot near the Keawala'i Church The showers and restrooms are at the parking lot across the street from the church.

This beach is better visited in the morning when the water is calm. In the afternoon Maui's tradewinds can make it quite unpleasant both with the wind and the choppy water.

  • Directions (from Kihei)
    Directions to north beach - Head south on Piilani Hwy. Turn Right onto Wailea Ike Rd. (Piilani Hwy Dead ends here). Turn left at Wailea Alanui. In about 2 miles turn right at Makena Rd. In about 3/4 of a mile you will see an old church on the right and a beach parking lot on the right. You can drop off the kids and supplies further down the road and loop back to the parking lot. Directions to south end of beach - Stay on Wailea Alanui ( do not turn at Makena Rd.) which turns into Makena Alanui for about a 1/2 mile and turn right on Makena Keonoio Rd. Parking at end of road.
  • Parking
    North Parking : Large parking lot . Walk south down Makena Rd. to beach. south parking lot. - Small parking lot . Follow path along buildings to the beach.
  • Rest rooms
    Public Rest room and showers at north parking lot.
  • Best For
    All around good beach. Also known as Turtle Town.
  • snorkel Click Here for Maluaka beach Snorkel Information