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Directions: Head south on Piilani Hwy. Turn Right onto Wailea Ike Rd. (Piilani Hwy Dead ends here). Turn left at Wailea Alanui (1 mile). Wailea Alanui turns into Makena Alanui. Maluaka Beach is located behind the Prince Maui Hotel. Makena Rd. does not go through the hotel so you must go to either the north parking lot (across from the church), or the south parking lot (located past the hotel). The south parking lot fills up quickly (this is where the best snorkeling is).

Parking North: Head down Makena Alanui and turn right at Honoiki Rd. and left at Makena Rd. . You will pass Makena Landing on your right. Keep going down until you see the public parking lot on the left. Walk to the left out of the parking lot until you see the trail to the beach.

Parking South: Head down Makena Alanui and turn right at Makena Rd. (This is where it merges. Road dead ends at parking lot. Take the trail to the beach.

Where to snorkel: Enter anywhere at the south end it is all sand. The best snorkeling is to the left (follow the reef). In high tide you can safely snorkel the coral. You can find turtles 200-400 ft. out anywhere on the beach, Look for the charter boats, they only stop for turtles!

Black rock fish

What to look for: We saw larger fish than some of the other areas. There were mostly Tang and Parrot Fish. The coral wasn't as pretty as some places until you went further out. We saw 6 turtles about 400 ft.. out (we just swam to where a charter boat stopped). Two of the turtles were the largest I have ever seen.

Other Info: This is also known as Turtle Town because of the large concentration of turtles. Only shade is all the way to the south end. There is also parking coming from south Makena Rd. and walking down one of the resort paths. Children will find it easy to snorkel here. This is very popular with charters and snorkeling tours. Watch for the boats and you will know where the most turtles are.

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