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Ulua/Mokapu Snorkel Information

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Directions: From Kihei turn Right onto Wailea Ike Rd. (Piilani Hwy Dead ends here). Turn left at Wailea Alanui (1 mile). Look for the Mokapu/Ulua beach access sign on the right.

Parking: There isn't a lot of parking spots, so get here early. take the path to the beach. At the beach the trail to the left is Ulua the one to the right Mokapu.

Where to snorkel: The north end of Ulua Beach around the reef is best. We like to start at Ulua and and swim to the right all away around the reef to Mokapu. You can then take the path back to Ulua Beach.

What to look for: Plenty of fish and healthy coral close to shore. You will find turtles further out the point.

Other Info: Easy entry to the water with lots of sand makes it a good place for beginners. It is a nice beach for tanning and relaxing as well. You will find some shade at both ends of the beach, but get there early if you want a spot under the trees. Walking from the parking lot to the beach you will see the rest rooms and shower. You can also take the path to Mokapu beach which is to the north. Just follow the path to the right (at the bathrooms).

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Ulua/Mokapu Beach