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Ahihi Bay Snorkeling Information

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Directions: Head south on Piilani Hwy. Turn Right onto Wailea Ike Rd. (Piilani Hwy Dead ends here). Turn left at Wailea Alanui (1 mile). Continue Makena Alanui for 2.6 miles. Slight left onto Makena Rd.. head south for 1.7 miles. Turn right at Ahihi Bay Sign.

Parking: Large lava/dirt parking lot. Take trail through lava down to the shore.

Where to snorkel: This entire area has great snorkeling. Enter at the end of the trail and swim out. Check conditions before entering here as the currents can get strong. If you are a strong swimmer you can snorkel north all the way around to Ahihi Cove and take the road back to Ahihi Bay.

What to look for: You will find many varieties of tropical fish, a puffer fish as well as eel and octopus. I haven't seen any turtles, but I am sure they are around.

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Other Info: This should only be snorkeled when seas are calm and you are a good swimmer. There is no beach and remember this is a preserve, no fishing.

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