Snorkeling Slaughterhouse Beach

Mokuleia Bay Snorkel Guide - maps, photos and information

Mokuleia Bay (Slaughterhouse Beach) Snorkeling Information

Mokuleia bay (Slaughterhouse Beach)

Directions: Head northeast on HI-30 E. after you pass DT Fleming Park you will see the parking for Mokuleia on the left. Keep going and turn left into the Honolua Lookout. Turn around , head back and park in the lot on the right that you passed on the way up. Take the concrete stairway to the beach.

Parking: there are not a lot of spaces but there is usually a spot. If you are snorkeling you should get here in the morning for calmer seas.

Where to snorkel: Enter a little to the right of the stairway. Swim past the beakers and to the right. Explore the coves and cliffs. This spot is really for expert snorkelers and beginners should only go out when the bay is calm in the morning. Experienced snorkelers can swim all the way around to Honolua Bay on a nice day.

What to look for: You will only see a few fish, but this is a good place for eel and octopus.

La Perouse bay Snorkel

Other Info: Another great beach for picnics, scenery, and swimming. Just remember there are no rest rooms or showers.