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Directions: Wailea beach is just south of the Wailea shopping center. Turn Right onto Wailea Ike Rd. (Piilani Hwy Dead ends here). Turn left at Wailea Alanui (1 mile). Once you pass the Grand Wailea look for beach access on the right (Wailea Beach).

Parking: There is plenty of parking here. This beach can be snorkeled later in the day (although the wind can pick up), so pick a couple of more crowded beaches first as you can always can find a parking spot here in the afternoon.

Where to snorkel: Visibility is usually poor at shore. Snorkel to the right or left of the beach following around the coral reef for the most fish. Anywhere further out you can find turtles.

What to look for: Good place to spot turtles. You need to swim out a bit to find them. The charter boats stop here as well, so just follow them.

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Other Info: This a beautiful beach with lots of sand and trees. Take the path and walk around the Grand Wailea and to other beaches. We have run into Man-of-War here so be aware, and bring some vinegar just in case.

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