Snorkel Kahekili (Old Airport) Beach

Kahekili Snorkel Guide - maps, photos and information

Kahekili Beach Snorkel Information

DriftwoodOls Airport Rd.

Directions: Head head north on Highway 30 to the last Kaanapali Exit called Kai Ana Drive. Turn Left then angle right into the parking lot.

Parking: There is plenty of parking with much of it covered by trees.

Rest rooms: You will see the rest rooms and showers on the way to the beach.

Where to snorkel: The reef follows the shoreline with a depth 10 - 15 feet making it easy for all ages. Enter the beach and snorkel north along the coast. Expert swimmers can head north for a half a mile.

La Perouse bay Snorkel

What to look for: Plenty of fish and coral with turtles further out. Because it is 10 - 15 feet deep it is a good option to Olowalu beach which can be too shallow for beginners.

Other Info: Nice family beach with facilities. Open 7am till dusk.

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