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Directions: Head south on Piilani Hwy. Turn Right onto Wailea Ike Rd (Piilani Hwy Dead ends here). Turn left at Wailea Alanui (1 mile). Continue Makena Aluni for 2.6 miles. Turn right onto Makena Rd. You will see parking lot on right before beach area.

Parking: Rarely full, lots of Spaces and street parking. Many kayaking tours start here.

Where to snorkel: You can enter from the beach and snorkel to the right, following the reef straight out. The further out the more fish and turtles. Another access is walk through the trees to the right and around the fence (private property) . You will see a small entry area. There are a few rocks so be careful. This just saves time swimming out from the beach.

What to look for: Not as plentiful as Ahihi Cove, but worth the swim. If you snorkel out to the point, you are sure to see turtles. Look for kayakers or diving flags ( this usually means turtles).

Makena Landing Snorkel

Other Info: This site is very pretty, and a nice place for lunch and exploring. There are always hermit crabs in the tide pools, chickens running around and lots of trees.

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