The Town of Kihei - South Maui

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  • Kihei Farmers Market

    Kihei Farmers Market

  • Fresh Fruit Kihei Farmers Market

    Fresh Fruit Kihei Farmers Market

  • shoppimg Kihei

    Shopping Kihei

  • Gift Fair Kihei

    Gift Fair Kihei

  • Maui Vista Condos

    Maui Vista Condos

  • sunset downtown Kihei

    sunset downtown Kihei

  • shopping downtown  Kihei

    shopping downtown Kihei

  • Whale Exibit

    Whale Exibit

Kihei sunset, maui The town of Kihei is the major shopping and business center in South Maui. The area offers plenty on condo rentals and a few resorts. Kihei has become one of the the island's most popular destinations with it's condos, restaurants, and shopping venues. The south shore offers more beaches to choose from and are usually less crowded than the west shore beaches.

Maui Vista Condo
  • Beaches
    The Kamaole beaches span most of Kihei's coast. These popular beaches offer a little bit of everthing.
  • Parking
    There are plenty of free parking lots at the shopping centers as well as curbside parking along South Kihei Rd.
  • Restaurants
    Kihei has plenty of eating choices from Thai to fish tacos.
  • Best For
    shopping, eating and beach activities