Surf lessons

Portrait with Surf boardWhile Oahu is better known for its surfing, Maui still offers some good surfing beaches. I decided to try it out with my 10 year old grandson. We purchased private lessons through Hawaiian Paddle Sports in advance and met our instructor John at the beach. We were staying in Kihei but our instructor talked us in to going over to Puamana Beach on the West Coast because it was less crowded and better than beaches closer to us. We were given instructions, strapped in and paddled out to catch some waves. My grandson caught on right away , standing up and riding the first wave. The lesson was for 2 hours but I gave up after an hour and headed back to shore to photograph my grandson. After a few more rides he had a spectacular wipeout and decided to call it a day.

I can't thank John and Hawaiian Paddle Sports for providing a great experience for the both of us. I would highly recommend them for anyone, especially kids, wanting to learn how to surf.