Exploring West Maui Mokule'ia Bay - Map, Directions, Photos, and Information, Guide

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Mokule'ia Bay (Slaughterhouse Beach)

Mokule'ia Bay stairsMokule'ia Bay, also known as Slaughterhouse Beach (close to an old Maui slaughterhouse), is located north of DT Fleming Beach. there is limited parking at the turnout and will will need to walk down a long stairway to reach the beach. Because of its limited access and no facilities the beach has very few people. snorkeling and swimming can be great if there are not any swells and a calm current. Conditions can change here quickly so be careful entering the water. Snorkeling is best at the north end. This is a beautiful quiet beach perfect for relaxing .

snorkel Click Here for Mokule'ia Snorkel Information

  • Directions
    Head north on Highway 30 out of Lahaina . after you pass DT Fleming keep heading north you will see a turnout with parking on the left. If you reach Honolua bay, you have gone too far.
  • Parking
  • There is limited parking at the turnout . look for the stairs that take you down to the beach
  • Rest Rooms
    No rest rooms.
  • Best For
    Swimming, Snorkeling, Hiking.