Exploring West Maui Papalua Beach - Map, Directions, Photos, and Information, Guide

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Papalua Beach

Papalua Beach signPapalua Beach Park (also known as Thousand Peaks for the many surf breaks that are offshore) is located on Highway 30 between mile marker 11 and 12. The long beach attracts surfers when the surf is high. If it is calm, snorkeling is possible but not great. There are a lot of trees and driftwood along the shore. Camping is allowed with a permitĀ 

  • Directions
    Heading north on Highway 30 from Kihei look for turnouts on the left between mile marker 11 and 12.
  • Parking
  • Dirt spaces off the road.
  • Rest Rooms
  • Best For
    Surfing / Camping.