Exploring Maui Deparure day 10-Best of Maui in ten days guide

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Kahalui airport terminalDepending on your flight, you may have some fun time left. We usually have an afternoon flight, but always pack most of our stuff the night before .
There is a Flea Market located north of downtown on s. Kihei on the lee side (ocean). this is a good place for deals on trinkets and tee-shirts. You can haggle on the price, most will come down a little especially when buying in quantity. downtown Kihei has many gift shops as well.
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Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum

Located north of Kihei in the sugar cane fields is the Alexander and Baldwin Sugar Museum. This is an eighteen hundred quare foot museum with 6 exhibits plus and outdoor exhibit of the equipment used in processing sugar. Learn all about he history of sugar on the island.


The airport is located on the outskirts of Maui's major hub, Kahalui. There are plenty of department stores, parks and museums, including a paper airplane museum.

Car Rental Return

Car rental return is easy. The major car rentals are all located in the same area. Usually takes about 5 minutes plus a 5-10 minute wait for a shuttle to the airport.

Kahalui Airport

The airport can get busy at times, but is usually pretty quick getting booked and making it through the screening. Although they tell you to arrive 2 hours before your flight, 1 and 1/2 hours is fine for domestic flights. For international please check with your carrier. Kahalui Airport Maui