Maui Vacation 2017 Day 4 - Wednesday - June 28

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protea flowerMount Haleakala Science Lab We left at 8:00 am for Honolua Bay on the west coast. After a few hours we were off to Kahekili Beach, with a quick stop at Slaughterhouse beach for some photos. On the drive back we stopped at a few beaches to view and take some pictures.

Honolua Bay

Kamaole Beach south mauiHonolua Bay is located on the north west coast. We parked on the side of the highway and hiked through the forest to the beach. Cameron was amazed at dense the forest was. We did some good snorkeling in crystal clear water before hiking back to the car. Slide Show

Slaughterhouse Beach

Downtown Makawao Mokelui beach(also known as Slaughterhouse Beach because it was close to an old slaughterhouse) is just south of Honolua Bay. you need to walk down a couple flights of stairs to reach the beach. this is a pretty beach but usually the current is strong and not good for kids. Cameron and I took pictures and hiked back up the stairs Slide Show

Kahekili Beach Park

Kula Botanical Gardens Kahekili Beach (also known as Old Airport beach) is a great all around beach for everyone. It is just north off the popular Ka'anapali Beach but with out all of the people and better snorkeling. Cameron, Jan and I all went snorkeling here. The water was calm with tons of fish. Slide Show

Hanakoa'ao Beach

Hookipa wind surfing beachHanakoa'ao Beach is south of Ka'anapali . The beach offers canoeing, surfing, and swimming. We saw hang gliders and people paddle boarding. Slide Show

Puamana / Luanapoko Beach Parks

Mount haleakala SunrisePuamana and Luanapoko beaches are just south of Lahaina. the parks are used mostly by locals and surfers. This is one of the best areas on the island for surfing. we just stopped to view and take some photos. Slide Show

Kihei Shopping

Mount haleakala SunriseCameron and Jan had the shopping bug so we went to the Kalama mall in downtown Kihei.

spent the afternoon at the condo. Day Five laft arrow